Ecuadorian girls in bed

Foreign tourists, especially those who are called sex tourists often raise the topic of how good are Ecuadorian girls in bed, how easy is to get them there and stuff like that. This topic is not as easy as seems at first, but I will try to find veracity.

Many Americans come to Ecuador and hoping this country is poorer than the US they will easily pick up a girl for night here; the stereotype all countries of Latin America have hot and easily accessible girls fires up in the brain of American. But here in Ecuador something is wrong with that and it does not really work.

First of all, Ecuador is not that poor, it has oil production and selling industry and US dollar is national currency here. Girls are not willing to jump into the bed with the first foreigner they met. Americans are not get used to this kind of things abroad and, probably, if their superiority does not work here, somewhere in the deepness of the soul they get offended for Ecuadorian girls, swear never visit Ecuador again saying girls here are not only unwelcoming, but not pretty either and it is better not to waste the time for them. Well, that is one side’s opinion.

There is another type of foreign tourist, who is not that gourmet when talking about pick up. He does not try to show his high status by belonging to the most developed and prosperous nation in the world, he also does not believe in his super opportunities when talking about flirt or communication with girls; he chooses the easiest variant and buys a girl for night and as prostitution is legal in Ecuador it is not hard to find the girl in Ecuador who will share your bed tonight. Read also: Marriage with woman from Ecuador

Ecuadorian girls in bed

The quality of such pleasure, of course, calls for better and such “services” for sure are not for every man. There is no passion, everything is mechanical, the girls are pretty bad looking and what is more there is a danger of getting disease.

As you see, there are at least two options of getting Ecuadorian women to bed and which variant to choose is only up to you, depending on what you want or, maybe, you will find the third option?

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